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1000 series » 1006-6T (YB)

alternator - starter - filter1006-6T

Technical features

Type codeYB
Number of cylinders6
Bore100 mm
Stroke127 mm
Cubic capacity5.98 cm3
Combustion system Direct injection
Compression ratio 16 : 1
RotationClockwise viewed from the timing
Size944 x 780 x 677 cm - (419 kg)
Power123 kW 2600 rev/min
Technical features

» How to check the valve tip clearances

These are checked between the top of the valve stem and the rocker lever (A), with the engine hot or cold. The correct clearance for inlet valves is 0,20 mm (0.008 in) and 0,45 mm (0.018 in) for exhaust valves.

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» Fuel pre-filter

This will normally be fitted between the fuel tank and th engine.

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